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about this project:

this is the first section of edward leedskalnin's book A Book In Every Home. i picked up a copy at the coral castle this january of 2002 while down in florida with my roommate. we both fell for the little pamphlet, and upon returning home to columbia, we had everyone we knew read it. one of these people was chelsea cannon, who apparently took to the book as we had. she made a series of sketches of various scenes from the "sweet sixteen" section of the book, and then did colored renditions in pencils. i attempted to replicate her work and ed's formatting as best as i could, and now the combined works are available. this site contains scans of her original artwork, and the entire "sweet sixteen" chapter of A Book In Every Home.

these pages were written in HTML on Notepad, the greatest text editor of all time.
tob did this.

A Book In Every Home was written and copyrighted by Edward Leedskalnin in Homestead, Florida in 1936.


the coral castle site

tob's site

thank you:

chelsea, for the pictures

groves, for the trip

phil, for the evaluating

me, for finishing something. finally.